Sales and distribution

Making a film and TV drama is one thing. There's a whole other area of work, which is getting those productions out onto screens so that people can watch them. How this happens differs slightly depending on whether a film has been shot for the cinema or for TV.

In film, sales agents represent a production and sell the rights to distributors through promoting it at festivals and film markets.  Distribution executives buy the rights of the films that they think will make a profit and then strike up deals permitting cinemas and streaming companies like Amazon and Netflix to show them. In TV drama, distributors play a slightly different role as the TV channels finance a large part of the cost of the production.

However a production gets to a screen, marketing and publicity teams are needed to ensure the audience knows about it. Publicists work with the media to get reviews and press coverage. Marketing teams create trailers, posters, billboards and social media campaigns.


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