Production Safety Passport

The Production Safety Passport is a scheme that helps productions stay safe by ensuring crew and management have quality training.

Production Safety Passport

The Production Safety Passport (PSP) is an approval scheme allowing freelancers to move from job to job without needing to re-take their health and safety training.

How the Production Safety Passport benefits freelancers

When you take a PSP approved course, you get a secure online record of the training you have successfully completed. You're sent an email with details of how to create a ScreenSkills profile, if you haven’t already got one. This will give you access to your certificate and a unique certification code, proving you have completed the training. As part of your profile, details of this training will also be shown in the ScreenSkills community directory.

This means you don't have to take the training again when you work for a new production company or broadcaster. It also makes you more attractive as a freelancer because you have industry-approved health and safety training.

(If you are struggling to find evidence of your PSP or have lost your certification code, please get in touch at:

How the Production Safety Passport benefits production crew

The PSP scheme approves general and management level courses within health and safety in a variety of key areas, such as production, stunt awareness and locations. Each approved course is assessed against the relevant National Occupational Standard (NOS) in Health & Safety X2, X3, X3.5 and X4:

X2 - Make sure your own actions reduce risks to health and safety
X3 – Conduct an assessment of risk in the workplace
X3.5 – Managing health and safety on a film or TV production
X4 – Develop procedures to safely control work operations

Anyone on a film or TV production who manages a department/team (e.g. head of department, unit manager, production manager, 1st assistant director) or has responsibility for an activity/function that requires a risk assessment to be carried out should be qualified to Safe Management of Production X3.5 level.

We recommend that all production staff who do not manage a department/team should be qualified to at least X2 level which provides a general awareness of health and safety in film and TV production.

Currently approved courses are listed below by topic and provider including relevant NOS. You can send your crew on these courses in the confidence that they are benchmarked by industry.

To verify that one of your crew has a Production Safety Passport, please ask them for their ScreenSkills PSP certificate or certification code. You can verify this certificate or check that the training is still valid by clicking the link in the button below.