Making a complaint

ScreenSkills is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity. It is an industry-led organisation that articulates the voice of the UK screen-based industry on the skills and training of the UK workforce.

ScreenSkills is committed to being open and accessible and we welcome all comments on our work and the services we provide. We strive to provide the very highest standards of professionalism and customer service.

However, there may be occasions when you feel dissatisfied with the service you have received from us. Our customer complaints procedure is as follows

Stage 1 - Initial complaint

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service you have received from ScreenSkills, we ask that you initially liaise with the member of staff concerned.  We hope that most complaints can be resolved quickly and to your satisfaction in this way.

Stage 2 - Formal complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the initial response, we would like you to put the details of your complaint in writing.  We request that you contact us within four (4) weeks of the initial contact by email to or by using the contact us form and include the following details:

  • The best way to contact you and a name (only needed if you want a response to your complaint)
  • If you are referring to a specific incident, please confirm when the incident happened and who you were in contact with
  • The details of your complaint
  • What outcome you would like to see from making the complaint
  • If you have any special requirements in terms of how we respond to you (e.g. using typetalk)

You can also call us on 020 7713 9800 or by writing to us at:

94 Euston Street

Once your complaint has been received, you will receive an acknowledgement within five working days indicating who will be responding to your complaint and their contact details. You will receive a full response from the relevant manager(s) within 15 working days.

From this point onwards, all correspondence will have a reference number for this specific complaint and we would like you to quote this in any correspondence you have with us. All correspondence will be recorded in our internal complaints log.

Stage 3 - If you are not satisfied

If you are not content with the responses you have received to date, then our Chief Executive Officer will investigate the complaint.

Please address your letter to:

Chief Executive
94 Euston Street

or email

You will receive an acknowledgement within five working days and a full response within 15 working days.

The Chief Executive Officer will investigate the circumstances of your complaint, review the responses you have received to date and speak to the staff involved.  You will then receive notification in writing of the decision on your complaint and what action, if any will be taken.

Stage 4 - Appeals

If you have exhausted the previous three stages and you still do not agree with the adjudication provided by the Chief Executive then you may appeal to the Chair of ScreenSkills' Board of directors. 

Please write to:

The Chair, Board of directors
c/o Complaints
94 Euston Street

or email

You will receive an acknowledgement of your appeal within five working days. The Chair will instigate further inquiries in to the matter in dispute. Appeals may take longer to be arbitrated due to level of investigation required. You will receive a response to your appeal in writing from the Chair of ScreenSkills' Board of directors within 20 working days of receipt.

Funding applications

Please note that decisions on the awarding of funds are made at the discretion of the ScreenSkills and there is no appeal against a decision taken on creative grounds.

Your personal information

If you use our complaints procedure we use any personal information you send us for purposes connected with your complaint. Please see our Privacy Policy for full details of how we may use your data.