Annual reports

The UK screen industries add more value to the UK than the aerospace, life sciences and automotive sectors combined. To ensure that this continues, the work that ScreenSkills does is critical to the success of our industry. From connecting with young people and teachers in schools with careers resources and guidance, we support people from the moment they consider a career in the screen industries. From entry level onwards, ScreenSkills provides the training, development and support that is vital for the success of our industry.

The High-end TV Skills Fund celebrated a decade of exceptional work, off the back of a record investment supporting 5,000 beneficiaries in 2022-2023; and the Unscripted Skills Fund continued to grow rapidly with 135 production companies contributing in-year and three more broadcasters joining the Fund. Additionally, the Children’s TV Skills Fund saw increased engagement and great success with its new entrant programme Dream Big!. Similar success was delivered in terms of impact for the Animation TV Skills Fund’s Trainee Finder programme, and the Film Skills Fund’s continuing professional development programme invested around £1,000 per beneficiary.

2022/2023 was also a record year for ScreenSkills’ Skills Funds, with income of £12.02m.

Our ambition is to bring the sector together under a single strategy. Working in partnership to find a sustainable solution to the challenges collectively faced, we believe in developing a unified, long-term strategy for skills and building a better, more diverse and inclusive workforce.  We will continue to build and strengthen our existing partnerships, and seek out new, mutually beneficial relationships across and beyond the screen and wider creative industries to ensure that our sector remains the creative envy of the world and continues to contribute significantly to the economic health and prosperity of the UK.


ScreenSkills Trustees Report and Annual Accounts (Year ended March 2023)

ScreenSkills Annual Review 2022-2023

ScreenSkills Annual Review 2022-2023 (Text Only)

Future Film Skills Programme 2018-2023