Animation is an industry that excels. Over decades the industry has delivered home-grown productions filled with outstanding characters and stories – from Shaun the Sheep and Peppa Pig by way of Horrid Henry and Danger Mouse to Early Man and Ethel and Earnest. These productions, and many more, have established the international reputation of the UK as one of the greatest creative and commercial producers of animation – across film, TV and advertising.

People are employed across a range of roles including production assistants, storyboard artists, riggers, designers, editors and producers. Across the industry as a whole, 40% are female and 60% are male. Within production, there's a higher proportion of women than men.

Animation production studios often produce work for a range of clients across advertising, film and television. Some studios specialise in one area, particularly children’s media, which is the largest area of the industry. While many of the studios are in London, an increasing number can be found around the UK, particularly in areas such as Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Cardiff and Edinburgh.

Studios tend to become known for particular types of animation, whether that be 2D CG (computer-generated) animation, 3D CG animation, stop-frame animation or 2D hand-drawn animation, but most offer a range of techniques and styles to suit the needs of the production. A few studios also provide services to other creative industries, such as visual effects (VFX), live action or interactive content production.

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