Games is the UK's most important and fastest growing entertainment industry. The sale of games is now higher than both music and video combined. This means the UK games industry is flourishing and needs an ever-increasing number of skilled employees to ensure it can continue to grow and succeed.

Games is also less focussed on London than many screen industries. In June 2018, there were 21 towns or cities with more than 20 games companies. Of those 46% were in London (614 companies) and 19% in the South East of England (210 companies).  Look at the map of the UK games industry where you can explore the companies involved in developing, publishing and servicing the games industry across the UK. The industry needs a diverse range of skills - from people who are good at marketing and organising to those who like to code. It's a sector in which combining art with STEM subjects is particularly useful.

Browse through the departments to learn about the different roles. If you would like to see them in a printed chart, download our games career map. (This is best printed on A2 paper but it works on A3 as well.)

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