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Productions that contribute to the appropriate industry skills fund - commonly known as levies - have exclusive access to ScreenSkills' pool of young, talented trainees.

A Little Drummer Girl © Ink Factory Films

Trainee Finder is an entry-level placement scheme which places trainees on film, children's live-action TV and high-end TV productions to ensure a continued supply of a new generation of talent, capable of world-class creative content. Trainees become part of an industry-recognised group of trainees, receiving exclusive access to training placements.

Trainees have been placed on films including Wonder Woman, Jurassic World, God's Own Country and Lady Macbeth and high-end TV dramas such as Peaky Blinders, Poldark, Game of Thrones, Outlander, Dr Foster and Derry Girls. Children's productions taking trainees include The Worst Witch, Millie Inbetween, Creeped Out, Class Dismissed and Joe All Alone

Taking trainees through Trainee Finder enables you to claim funding from ScreenSkills for part of the duration of the trainees' time on the production. In order to take on Trainee Finder trainees on your production, you must be a paying member of either the Film Skills Fund, High-end TV Skills Fund or Children's TV Skills Fund.

Taking trainees through Film Trainee Finder enables film productions to claim back £300 per week of a trainee’s salary for up to seven trainees per production, with a placement lasting anytime between four weeks and 24 weeks (six months). This is a change from previous years, so in order to find out more click click the following link to download the Film Trainee Finder FAQs for productions (PDF).

Taking trainees through High-end TV Trainee Finder enables TV productions to claim back £300 per week of trainee’s salary for up to 40 weeks (ScreenSkills suggest that this support is spread across up to three trainees, i.e three x 13 weeks). This is a change from previous years, so in order to find out more about this new process please click the following links to download the High-end TV Trainee Finder FAQs for productions (PDF).

Taking trainees through High-end TV or Children’s TV Trainee Finder enables children’s TV productions to take on three trainees for up to 12 weeks each, and claim back £250 per week of a trainee’s salary.

We have a number of trainees from across the UK who are available right now to work on fund-contributing productions within grades including:

  • Art department
  • Camera
  • Costume
  • Edit
  • Floor runner
  • Hair and make-Up
  • Locations
  • Production office runner
  • Film accounts
  • Sound
  • Video assist

To request a high-end or children's live-action TV trainee email Patrizia Berardi at:

To request a film trainee please email Tom Holmes at:

If you would like more information about becoming a trainee yourself please visit the become a trainee page.