Introduction to sustainability for the screen industries

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35 minutes
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Film, Unscripted TV, High-end TV, Children's TV, VFX, Animation, Games
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We’re facing a climate crisis and need to take action now as a society before it’s too late. Every industry needs to undergo great transformation to reduce carbon emissions and our impact on the environment in order to halt the speed of climate change. The screen industries have a dual role to play in transforming our productions and supply chains and inspiring societal change through the content we produce.

In this module, co-developed with BAFTA albert, you’ll learn about:

  • The commitments already made by the screen industries, including net zero targets and the climate content pledge
  • The sustainability challenges and opportunities in the screen industries, why we need major transformation and what we must achieve
  • The key principles of sustainability for the screen industries
  • The action we can take as individuals within our different roles and departments to support the transformation of the screen industries.

By taking this module, you’ll find out about the opportunities you have to be part of the transformation committed to by the industry.

Who it's for

This module is recommended for anyone who is currently working, or thinking of working, in the UK screen industries, in particular film and TV. We recommend completing this module in one sitting. However, if this is not possible your progress will be saved, and when you come back you will be taken to the last screen you completed.

When you’re ready, hit the ‘Start’ button to begin.

Our funders

This module was created in collaboration with BAFTA albert, and was developed with support from:

  • The BFI, awarding National Lottery funds as part of its Future Film Skills strategy
  • The ScreenSkills High-end TV Skills Fund, with contributions from high-end television productions
  • The ScreenSkills Unscripted TV Skills Fund, with contributions from broadcasters, SvoDs and production companies
  • The ScreenSkills Children’s TV Skills Fund, with contributions from children’s live-action productions
  • The ScreenSkills Film Skills Fund, with contributions from films made around the UK.

Arts Council England supported the launch of the online learning platform.

More on sustainability:

If you are interested in learning more about how climate change is impacting the screen industries and what the solutions are, head to the BAFTA albert website to sign up to more training. They offer role and genre specific workshops across film and TV which utilise peer-to-peer learning to brainstorm solutions to the challenges we face.

Important information about ScreenSkills funded e-learning modules:

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