How to get in

ScreenSkills is committed to developing the formal routes into the film, TV, animation, VFX and games industries so to that anyone with talent can get in.  Learn what to study, how to choose a relevant degree, get an apprenticeship or become a trainee. Make sure you learn how to build a portfolio and how to approach employers too.

Study the subjects relevant to your chosen role

If you think you might be interested in a career in film, TV, games, animation or VFX, take a look at our job profiles.  Our job profiles give advice on what to study, including A-levels, Highers, vocational qualifications, apprenticeships and degrees. Find a role that interests you. Click on it to get detailed information on how to get in.

Get work experience

The major broadcasters and some of the larger companies in screen offer work experience. The majority of this is currently for people over 18 and to find these opportunities you need to do your research.

However, there are a range of initiatives which are encouraging companies to offer work experience for those under 18. Careers advisors at your school or college should know what is available in your area as they will have links with your Local Enterprise Partnership in England or similar skills organisations such as Skills Development Scotland.

If you're at university your careers team will also have information about work experience opportunities in the sectors related to your course. It's always worth approaching employers to ask if they have any work experience opportunities.

Get a degree that will help you get a job

If you take a degree, then the last thing you want is to waste time and money on a course that won't get you where you want to be. Use the job profiles to find what degree subject will equip you for your chosen job. Then find a degree course which: 

  • Has links with industry
  • Has experienced tutors
  • Has up-to-date equipment and facilities
  • Offers you support during your studies

ScreenSkills Select endorses screen industry college and university courses that teach practical, industry-relevant and in-demand skills. If you are interested in games, you might like to see a similar university accreditation scheme organised by TIGA, which represents the games industry. 

Find an apprenticeship

In some roles in the screen industries, it's possible to find an apprenticeship. An apprenticeship is a job combined with training lasting at least 12 months. Your employer will give you time off to study, usually at a college or university, during your working hours. The cost of the training is paid by the employer and you also get paid a wage, so it's a great way of learning. Go to job profiles, find the role in which you’re interested and click on it to discover if you can get into that role through an apprenticeship. Take a look at our apprenticeships information to learn more.

Become a trainee

If you've completed studies, you might be able to find roles as a trainee. Go to the websites or organisations for which you are interested in working and see if they offer schemes or roles to trainees. An increasing number do.  If you want to work in film or TV drama,  think about applying for a trainee placement through ScreenSkills' Trainee Finder scheme. Trainee Finder helps to place trainees on UK features films, children's TV and high-end TV, such as Wonder Woman, Peaky Blinders and Game of Thrones