Lorraine Lordan

Lorraine Lordan, sequence animation supervisor of Oscar-nominated The Breadwinner, talks about her career.

Lorraine Lordan talks from her home in Ireland on her international career in animation. She explains how she has been able to balance making a short film with lead roles on features, and shares what she has learnt along the way. 

About Lorraine Lordan

For much of her career Lorraine Lordan has worked at renowned Irish studio Cartoon Saloon, including as animation supervisor on the Annie-nominated TV Series Puffin Rock, sequence animation supervisor on Oscar-nominated The Breadwinner and assistant director on the new Puffin Rock feature film. Her work in animation has taken her around the world, to studios in the Czech Republic, Germany, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Cambodia and the UK.

About the event

Lorraine was talking to Abigail Addison, ScreenSkills animation production liaison executive on 2 May 2020. The event was supported by the ScreenSkills Animation Skills Fund with contributions from UK animation productions and was presented in partnership with Cardiff Animation Festival. Lauren Orme, director of Cardiff Animation Festival, explains that Lorraine was due to speak at the festival in person but had to be recorded on Zoom instead because of the coronavirus lockdown. 

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