Animation lessons

This animation lesson is designed for pupils in Years 5, 6, 7 and 8. The objective is to understand the wide variety of roles and jobs in animation through making an animation based on The Tiger Who Came to Tea. It can be the basis of a six-week project or can be done in three hours, depending on how the animation is produced.

It was commissioned by the Animation Skills Council with the kind support of Lupus Films.

Animation lessons

Lesson plan

This is a detailed plan of the lesson that can be taught in three hours or as a six-week project, depending on the ambition of the animation being produced. It's designed to be used with the lesson slides and the project book. The lesson can also be extended with maths and science activities.

Download Animation lesson plan (Word)


Lesson slides

These slides, in the form of a PDF, are designed to be used in the main lesson activity and for the evaluation and plenary. You'll need an internet connection to play the videos, which are hosted on YouTube and which will play from your browser. For best results view the slides full screen. 

Download Animation lesson slides (PDF).  

Careers in the animation industry

You might want to use our animation career map when explaining different roles to the children. You can download the PDF of this map and print it on A3 paper. Alternatively, you can scroll through the different roles on our website: animation job profiles.

Download Careers in the animation industry (PDF).

Project book

If you are doing the lesson as part of a project, you might want to give each child a project book in which they can keep a record of their work. Click on the images above and scroll through to see the pages of the project book.  To print the project book, download the PDF below. Print onto six sides of A3 paper to make a 12-page A4 project book.

Download Animation project book (PDF).

Maths extension activity

The maths extension activity meets Key Stage 2 learning objectives and can be taught in an hour. It's based on the maths done by Adam, when he was producing The Tiger Who Came to Tea. How many artists made The Tiger Who Came to Tea and how many cups of tea did they drink?

Download Maths extension activity (Word).

Science extension activity

The science extension activity is about the effects of light in animation.  It delivers learning objectives from Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3. This activity is particularly relevant to children who will make or have made a stop-motion animation. It also informs an understanding of computer-generated animation.

Download Science extension activity (Word).

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