ScreenSkills Training Passport pilot

ScreenSkills has partnered with BBC Studios, ITV Studios and Sky to pilot a pan-industry training passport.

Close up generic image of a passport open with stamps on the pages
Image: ConvertKit on Unsplash

The ScreenSkills Training Passport provides a record of standardised and industry-approved training that production staff and freelancers can take from one production to the next. As part of developing the pilot, ScreenSkills also consulted with Pact.

The passport offers numerous benefits for employers as well as production staff and freelancers. For broadcasters, studios and production companies, the passport ensures that there is a high quality standard of training built into productions from the start. This will enable employers to hire future crew with confidence and move more quickly into production.

Production staff and freelancers are able to complete all the necessary training via the ScreenSkills website, and they will receive a completion certificate to use when applying for production roles. To complete the training passport, they will need to register for a ScreenSkills account.

As part of the training passport pilot, production staff and freelancers for BBC Studios, ITV Studios and Sky will need to complete two ScreenSkills e-learning modules. Both were produced with industry and subject specialists and are free. The modules are:

  • Tackling harassment and bullying at work - based on the principles of zero tolerance guidelines developed with organisations across the film, television and games industries by BFI and BAFTA, the module is design to help recognise and address harassment and bullying behaviours in the work place. 
  • Safeguarding for all - an introduction to safeguarding for all people working in the screen industries including keeping people safe on productions and the workplace, identifying signs of harm or abuse and how to report it. 

Production staff on Sky Originals will also be required to complete ScreenSkills’ Work Well e-learning on Addressing Unconscious Bias and Introduction to Mental Health Awareness.

Additionally, production staff and freelancers employed or engaged by either BBC Studios or ITV productions will be required to complete additional specific training that will also be hosted on the ScreenSkills website.

How it works for employers 

  • Production teams or HR teams will be able to manage and track their crew’s completion of the training using a bespoke ScreenSkills tracking tool 
  • Full training will be given on how to use the tool 
  • If crew have already completed the passport e-learning modules they can demonstrate this quickly and simply
  • Crew might also be required to complete additional training determined by the broadcaster, studio or production 

The first productions using the training include BBC Studios’ The One Show, Casualty and the next series of entertainment hit Strictly Come Dancing; ITV Studios will begin its rollout of the pilot with MultiStory Media’s current affairs show Tonight and The Martin Lewis Money Show Live Summer Special; and it will be rolled out across a number of Sky Original productions this summer.

As ScreenSkills account holders, people will be reminded when they need to update their training. They will also receive recommendations for further training that could be beneficial for their career development.

The pilot will also provide the opportunity for ScreenSkills and its partners to identify new and emerging areas of essential onboarding training for future development.

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