ScreenSkills Training Passport FAQs

A fold up chair in the centre of a studio with a boom microphone pointing down from above
Image: Keagan Henman on Unsplash

ScreenSkills has partnered with BBC Studios, ITV Studios and Sky to pilot the first pan-industry training passport. Your questions answered below.

Why has the ScreenSkills Training Passport been introduced?

The Passport is being introduced as a pilot to simplify and standardise the on-boarding process for production staff and freelancers as they move between companies and productions.

Who are the partners in the pilot?

ScreenSkills has partnered with BBC Studios, ITV Studios and Sky to develop the pilot, and has consulted with Pact during the process.

Who has to do the training?

BBC Studios, ITV Studios and Sky have identified the following departments where the training passport will need to be completed:

  • BBC studios: all technical production freelancers on all in-house productions
  • ITV Studios: rollout will start with the pilot with MultiStory Media’s current affairs shows Tonight and The Martin Lewis Money Show Live Summer Special
  • Sky: on Sky Original commissioned productions

What are the training modules that I need to complete?

All production staff and freelancers will need to complete two ScreenSkills’ e-learning modules - Tackling Bullying and Harassment at work and Safeguarding for All. These will be recorded in your training passport.

In addition, production staff and freelancers working for the BBC, ITV Studios and Sky will also need to complete additional training:

  • BBC Studios: Code of Conduct
  • ITV Studios: freelancers will be re-directed to the ITV Studios website for training
  • Sky: ScreenSkills’ Work Well e-learning series

Why do I need to create a ScreenSkills login to complete the training?

All the training is being hosted on the ScreenSkills website to provide a single destination to complete the training modules. To access the training, a login is required. People can use an existing login if they have an account otherwise they will need to create an account.

Is the training free?

Yes. The training is free.

How long does the training take to complete?

In total the ScreenSkills e-learning will take an hour to complete.

Can I save the training certificate to my phone/tablet/computer?

Yes. You will receive training certificates for any module you complete which you can save to any device. You will likewise receive a certificate for your ScreenSkills Training Passport to show that this is complete and up-to-date.

How do I demonstrate that I’ve completed the training to a prospective employer?

If you are working on a relevant production with BBC Studios, ITV Studios or Sky, your employer can easily check whether you have completed the training through the ScreenSkills platform. If you are working on another production, you can provide a link to your ScreenSkills profile, or download your ScreenSkills Training Passport certificate and add it to your application form.

If I don’t complete the training, can I still apply for a job?

You will need to complete the e-learning modules recorded in the training passport after you have successfully applied for a role and as part of your on-boarding process with the BBC Studios, ITV Studios or Sky.

Why do I have to re-do the training every year?

This will ensure that your training remains up to date and relevant, and takes into account any changes to the training module to reflect changing practices or legislation.

Is this the same as the Production Safety Passport (PSP)?

No. The Production Safety Passport certifies where production crew have completed specific third-party health and safety training courses that are endorsed by the PSP scheme

The ScreenSkills Training Passport certifies where crew have completed a broader variety of courses, initially using ScreenSkills e-learning modules.