Cap on contributions Children’s TV Skills Fund to rise

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The cap on industry contributions to the Children’s TV Skills Fund will rise to £43,900 with effect from the new financial year.

The Children’s TV Skills Fund was created in 2015 following the introduction of UK tax relief for children’s live-action TV. In return for the tax credit, the industry agreed that those utilising the tax credit would contribute to a skills fund managed by ScreenSkills.

Productions pay 0.5% of the production budget spent in the UK and in 2019/2020 the contribution is capped at £43,000 per production. On 1 April 2020 the cap will be raised to £43,900 in line with this years’ RPI (retail price index) increase.

When productions pay into the Children’s TV Skills Fund they are supporting and investing in the longevity and quality of the children’s TV industry workforce in the UK. The Skills Fund invests all contributions in training courses that enable professionals at all career stages advance.

Since 2015, ScreenSkills has collected and invested over £500,000 in skills activity for the children’s TV industry, including in Children’s TV Make a Move, Trainee Finder and bursaries.

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