Build your animation portfolio

If you are interested in becoming an animator, either in 2D, 3D or stop-motion, you will want a portfolio of your own work. This can include a showreel as well as illustrations and drawings to show off your artistic talent. Start this as early as you can and update it as you improve and get more experience. 

Useful tools you can download or demo for free include:

Pixar in a Box on Khan Academy
Watch and learn from Pixar artist talk about their jobs in animation.
Operating system: All

Educational institutions can access a range of software for 3D modelling, animation and rendering.  
Operating system: All

Vector based 2D animation suite, use the tools to move to different drawings.
Operating system: All

Create animated 3D computer graphics on a web browser using HTML.
Operating System: Web-based, requires internet access (works across all modern browsers except Opera)

Easy to use software to create 3D models, environments and animated films. Can be used for VFX and games.
Operating system: All