Visual effects (VFX) competencies for virtual production - quality monitoring

Virtual production set recreating a cave
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Learn the skills and knowledge required to include virtual production in the VFX quality monitoring area of work. These tasks are divided into two main functions: planning quality outputs and realising quality outputs.

These complement the wider competencies required within each of these functions to undertake more traditional VFX projects, which are detailed in the full National Occupational Standards.

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Planning quality outputs

1. Provide creative and strategic direction for creative industry projects

2. Capture data for use in visual effects

Realising quality outputs

1. Ensure the quality of virtual production outputs

2. Agree requirements and parameters of design activity for virtual production projects

3. Further considerations about delivering editing projects to brief

Skills and knowledge related to virtual production

Work is underway on integrating virtual production to existing post production practices, however it is too soon to define any specific related skills/competencies as these techniques are still in an early stage of development.


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