Virtual production and visual effects - an introduction

Virtual production screen showing a temple
Image: © Final Pixel

There are additional skills and knowledge required to incorporate virtual production techniques into different parts of the workflow within visual effects departments.

You can explore the competencies in more detail by browsing the sections dedicated to each one.

You will find all competencies for the various visual effects related functions and departments are divided into four main areas of work, based on the existing structure of the National Occupational Standards:

  1. VFX production
  2. VFX quality monitoring
  3. VFX creation
  4. VFX research and development

Check out the other competencies required to include virtual production in each of the visual effects areas of work. These complement the wider competencies required within each of these functions to undertake more traditional projects, which are detailed in the full National Occupational Standards.


Explore the competencies:

Visual effects (VFX) competencies for virtual production - quality monitoring

Visual effects (VFX) competencies for virtual production - creation

Visual effects (VFX) competencies for virtual production - production