High-end TV Trainee Finder

Trainee Finder is a new entrant training programme delivered by ScreenSkills that offers both training and paid placements.

It provides ‘set-ready’ training to talented individuals to support them as they apply for placements on high-end TV (HETV) productions.

Dominic West as Prince Charles, Teddy Hawley as Prince Harry, Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana and Timothee Sambor as Prince William in a scene from The Crown Season 5
Image: The Crown S5 Netflix (Leftbank Films)

What is High-end TV Trainee Finder?

Trainee Finder matches talented individuals starting their careers with high-end TV (HETV) productions that contribute to the skills funds.

High-end TV refers to TV productions that cost £1 million or more per broadcast hour to produce. We work with HETV productions that shoot across the UK and abroad and have placed trainees on productions such as The Crown, Heartstopper, Vigil, Cobra, The Outlaws and Sex Education.

Throughout the year, trainees can apply for placements in their chosen department on UK HETV productions. Trainees also receive 'set-ready' training. This training ranges from production essentials, finance for freelancers, departmental training, promoting yourself as a freelancer, mental health and well-being and much more.

ScreenSkills also runs the Animation Trainee Finder, Children's Trainee Finder and Film Trainee Finder programmes.

Applications are closed for the 2024-25 programme. Recruitment usually begins in the autumn. 

If you would like more information about supporting a trainee as a production please visit the support a trainee page.

How does Trainee Finder work?

Successful applicants become part of an industry-recognised group of talented new entrants.

Productions that contribute to the skills funds notify our team when they are looking for trainees and we send them CVs of local and available trainees from our cohort who have opted in to the opportunity. The production will then select the trainees they wish to meet, interview and hire them as part of their crew.

Following this, the HETV Trainee Finder programme part funds the trainee's placement. We ensure that trainees are teamed up with a supervisor on the production and have a dedicated member of the team who is their point of contact and support for questions or queries.

Please note that once accepted on to Trainee Finder placements are not guaranteed. Trainees must ensure their CV and ScreenSkills profile are kept up-to-date.

We ask that trainees keep the team informed about their availability. We strive to help trainees and put them forward for any placements they express interest in, but it is the production that decides who to take on. We recommend that trainees remain proactive and continue to find their own work and do not rely solely on the programme.


“I don't think I would have come this far and learnt so much of it weren't for ScreenSkills. For a lad from the West Midlands to be doing what I'm doing is just great.” - Alex Rhule-Martin, a sound trainee on high-end TV dramas My Name is Leon and The Girl Before

How do I apply?

The eligibility criteria is as follows:

  • Be over 18 years old – there is no upper age limit
  • Live in the UK and have evidence of the right to work in the UK
  • Have completed full-time education – there are no education requirements to be on Trainee Finder, however, if you are enrolled in full-time education or on a year-out placement year you are not eligible
  • Have less than 12 months of relevant paid experience in your chosen department within HETV productions
  • Be available for placements offered within the duration of the programme
  • Demonstrate an interest in and commitment to your  chosen department
  • Be committed to attending training sessions organised by ScreenSkills throughout the 12 months

Most importantly, we are looking for talented, enthusiastic individuals who have the passion to forge a career in the screen industry.

ScreenSkills is dedicated to supporting inclusion in the screen industries and encourages applications from new entrants from diverse backgrounds, who live outside London and from the deaf and disabled community. 

We also welcome applicants who may have transferable skills from other creative sectors such as theatre, music, photography and online content creators from roles in other sectors such as business administration, event management, or make-up and hair applicants with salon experience.

Your questions answered

We recommend you read the full FAQs before applying