Alex  Di Cuffa

Alex Di Cuffa


  • Location: London
  • Freelancer: Available

I am a classicaly trained actor having gradutated from drama school 2 years ago, i have worked extensively in film since graduating being part of excellent short films, web series and feature films. I have been producing my own content for just over a year now, mainly corporate work but last year (2015) i produced my first narrative short film which had a successful festival run and has garnered a best in festival nomination and high critical acclaim. 

I truly belive in doing work of only the highest quality. Standards in my opinion cost nothing but gain everything. I say to every person i work with, i want this to be as good as we can possible make it. I dont belive in making something for the sake of it, if you do something, do it with a purpose and put everything you have into it!