Andrew Illingworth

Andrew Illingworth

ScreenSkills Film Sound Trainee

  • Location: West Yorkshire
  • Career stage: Early
  • Freelancer: Available
Film Trainee Finder 2019

Hi! Great to meet you on the ScreenSkills page!

I am a friendly and positive guy, who is passionate about all things to do with sound/audio/music. I would describe myself as a bit of a microphone geek with a lot of knowledge of recording I am a ScreenSkills Location sound Trainee for 2019/2020 so I am extremely excited to see what projects and adventures I can get involved in. My experience with sound for film/tv is limited, as I have only worked on passion projects and small budget shorts/features. So I am looking forward to the challenge transfering my skills in live sound engineering and music production over to location recording for feature films. 

Prior to the ScreenSkills trainee scheme, I have made a living through music in many different ways. These include -

I am currently a production supervisor at a recording studio, overseeing all aspects of recording, mixing and mastering.

I work as a freelance live sound engineer for festivals and live bands. I am actively trying to change the stereotype of a live sound engineer one gig at time.

I am a music producer, I write music to brief for tv/advertising/film. I have music signed with Universal Music, Voodoo Toddler, Sync Tracks etc.

I work with children and adults with learning disabilities. I use music as a tool to build confidence, independence and critical thinking. I also give them the chance to express themselves and the experience being a rock star or pop princess.

Aside from work, I generally keep a fit and active lifestyle. I enjoy pushing myself out of my comfort zone in various different ways. 

ScreenSkills funded training courses attended.

First Break boot camp


19th October 2019