Sanjay Singhal

Executive producer Sanjay Singhal talks about making factual TV shows that keep production management awake at night.

Executive producer Sanjay Singhal specialises in making the types of factual TV shows that keep production management awake at night and health and safety in a constant sweat. Whether he's deliberately crash landing a 170-seat Boeing 727 (The Plane Crash) or building a terraced house in the middle of a Namibian tribal village (The British Tribe Next Door), Sanjay and his teams have made some of the standout and most talked-about shows on television.

But just how do you conceive and execute those "big, bold, never-been-done" before shows that commissioners so crave? Sanjay explains in this masterclass that offers career information and insights on how to make specialist factual programmes popular and impactful.

About Sanjay Singhal

Sanjay is chief executive of Voltage TV and an award-winning executive producer with more than 20 years’ experience of programme-making. He spent nearly 15 years at the BBC, and was MD of leading factual indie, Dragonfly Film and TV. At Voltage he has overseen a wide-ranging slate of ideas and productions including the BAFTA-nominated One Deadly Weekend in America (BBC Three), Life Inside Jail (ITV) and Inside the Factory (BBC Two).

About this event

This Masterclass was recorded on Friday 3 April, 2020. It was supported by the ScreenSkills Television Skills Fund which invests in training for the freelance television workforce thanks to contributions from the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

It was part of a ScreenSkills programme designed by media consultant Donna Taberer to support freelancers to upskill and stay connected, helping keep the industry resilient in the coronavirus crisis.

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