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Drummer TV, an independent production company, has helped nine professionals step up in the past five years with support of the children’s TV Make a Move scheme.

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Make a Move enables the upskilling of individuals that have been identified by the industry as ready to move into a more senior role. The respected scheme has three strands – one for high-end TV and two for children’s TV productions, with one targeting production management jobs and the other the remaining roles in children’s television. Participation in the scheme allows professionals to advance their careers and it also helps companies develop their business.

Rachel Drummond-Hay, co-director of Drummer TV, says: “Working with trainees has been a huge benefit both to the trainees and to the company. In fact, several of the people we have worked with have gone on to work longer term at Drummer and all have gone on to work within the industry.”

The funding has enabled Rachel to train people across a wide range of jobs, including some in the production and digital departments.  As a mentor, she has invested time to help professionals step up to a more senior role. “The people I have worked with each brought a wealth of different skills to the company that just needed finessing before they could move on to the next level – and some extra confidence that they are, indeed, ready to do so,” she says.

“Once participants start, they quickly become an integral part of the team. Drummer has really benefited from the extra crew support and resources that the Make-a-Movers we have worked with brought to the team.”

Drummer TV, which specialises in factual programmes such as the award-winning The Boy on the Bicycle and Mumbai Street Strikers for the CBBC My Life strand as well as Gym Stars and Ice Stars, was able to access the Make a Move scheme because it contributes to the Children’s TV Skills Fund.  Rachel believes that all companies should pay into the fund.

“In order to have a good future for our industry, it is key that we invest in quality training,” she says. “Even if our company does not always benefit directly from all investments that are made, I’m happy to invest in the development of the industry as a whole.”

Find out more about the children’s TV Make a Move fund here and the children’s TV Make a Move fund for production management here, or contact ScreenSkills TV Associate Sarah Joyce at to discuss an application.

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