Reality TV talent managers

Talent managers on The Circle talk about the roles of runners, researchers and assistant producers (APs) on their entertainment Channel 4 programme.

Rose Hibbert, senior talent manager, and Maisie Clater, talent coordinator, both of Studio Lambert reveal how they recruit for Channel 4's The Circle. They explain the different jobs that the runners, researchers and APs do and explain how to get into them.

Questions they answer include: 

  • 27:31 - What are common mistakes runners make when creating their CVs?
  • 31:36 - Do you work with digital producers (and if so, what do you look for?)
  • 32:59 - What are your thoughts on people with lots of experience who apply for jobs that are too junior for them?
  • 34:19 - What do you think about dumbing down your CV to improve your chances of getting more junior roles?
  • 42:10 - Where are jobs advertised? And do you need to be Manchester-based?

The session is of particular interest to those trying to get into unscripted TV and those who already have one of two broadcast credits.

About the event

This video is a recording of an online event that took place on 2 November 2020. It was supported by the ScreenSkills Television Skills Fund which invests in training for the freelance television workforce thanks to contributions from the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5. It was introduced by ScreenSkills training producer Philip McCreery, as part of a programme managed by the Indie Training Fund to support freelancers to upskill and stay connected during Covid-19.

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