Digital imaging technician Calum Weir

After obtaining a degree in mathematics, Calum was eager to explore a more creative career route. He enrolled in a ScreenSkills-endorsed degree at Glasgow Clyde College and has since gone on to work as a digital imaging technician (DIT) on productions including Outlander and Temple.

“The hands-on nature of the course was what sounded appealing to me,” Calum says. “The emphasis of the degree was on practical experience, not on theory.” The degree proved a good starting point, because what he learned helped him take his first steps into the industry and gave him an advantage over his competition. “I would advise everyone who wants to work in film and TV to do a course like this,” he says. “Knowledge is important, but knowledge comes from experience as well as studying.”

Calum was drawn to the role of DIT because it’s a good mix between practical and artistic work. He likes that the role enables him to move between set and post-production. “Being on set is by far the best part of my job. It’s where I really feel that I’m making a film or TV show. There are so many people involved, each with a different role, but we are all working together with the same end goal in mind.”

Gaining practical experience has been crucial to getting where he is today. “Work on any shoot you can and make your own shorts,” he recommends. “Don’t forget to help other people with their projects as well. It may be that the people you help now ring you up for a job many years later, or they may recommend you to others.”

Before enrolling in college Calum set himself the challenging goal of being a director in TV in five years’ time. “It is still my goal today and maybe five years from now I will be there, but maybe not.”