What production companies need to know

The Unscripted TV Skills Fund went live on 1 June 2021. It addresses skills gaps and shortages in unscripted television across the UK and aims to build a bigger pool of off-screen crew and talent in the nations and regions.

What production companies need to know

A unique model matching investment from contributing broadcasters and production companies, it is different to other ScreenSkills Skills Funds which are funded by productions alone with contributions normally collected in pre-production. Joint contributions from producers and commissioners reflects the collective decision by industry to address under-investment in training for unscripted TV.

Decisions about how the Fund is invested are made by practitioners who understand what is needed to develop talent behind the camera across all unscripted genres.

The Unscripted Skills Fund (USF) also supports the industry-wide commitment to: professionalising working practices; diversifying the workforce to better represent the population in the UK; and finding collective solutions to training and career development that champion excellence and open doors to opportunities across the UK.

Keep up-to-date with the Unscripted TV Skills Fund on our website.

ScreenSkills will highlight new and current opportunities in its regular training e-newsletters (sign up here).

The unscripted team also sends out a monthly email with specific information about unscripted online courses and training programmes. To sign up please email the team at USF@screenskills.com.

Alternatively, you can contact Sarah Joyce, Head of Unscripted and Children’s TV, if you have any questions about the Fund, its governance, processes, training priorities etc.

Please contact Claire Stratton if you want to discuss the online short course training slate, if you are an industry professional interested in becoming a trainer, or if you are a training provider with questions.

For more information, see the executive summary of the Unscripted Skills Fund's annual report for 22/23.

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