Unscripted TV Skills Council

ScreenSkills' Unscripted TV Skills Council comprises senior TV industry figures who lead and advise us on our work in TV (excluding high-end TV and children's TV, which have their own skills councils).

Unscripted TV Skills Council
Image: Googlebox Celebrity Special © Channel 4 2017


  • Jane Muirhead, Chair (Raise the Roof)
  • Bella Lambourne, Deputy chair (Banijay)
  • Kevin McCormick (BBC Studios), production working group chair / Scotland representative
  • Llion Iwan (Cwmnida), post-production working group chair / Wales representative
  • Kieran McCarthy (True North), development working group chair / North of England representative
  • Matt Cole (Keo West), business and industry skills working group/ South West of England representative
  • Charlie Gauvain (Eye Film), craft and tech working group chair / East of England representative
  • Emma-Rosa Dias (Afro Mic), Northern Ireland representative
  • Nav Raman (Chatterbox), South East of England representative
  • Colette Foster (Full Fat TV), Midlands representative
  • Sam Lawrence (Monkey Kingdom), London representative
  • Dhanny Joshi (Big Deal Films), London representative
  • Tim Ball (IMG), London and sport genre representative

Steering group

  • Sinead Rocks, Managing Director, Nations and Regions, Channel 4 (chair)
  • Helen Blenkinsop, Head of Business, Commissioning Supply, BBC Content
  • Claire Fone, Head of Production Operations, Sky
  • Anne Davies, Director of Production - A+E Network
  • Clare Laycock, SVP, Head of Lifestyle & Entertainment Brands Discovery UK
  • Jane Muirhead, MD Raise the Roof, Council chair
  • Nan Whittingham, Vice President, Production, VCN UK
  • Jason Crosby, Director, Production Nonfiction (UK), Netflix
  • Llion Iwan Managing Director, Cwmnida
  • Colette Foster Creative Director, Full Fat TV
  • Lauren Bacon Principal, Physical Production, UK Unscripted, Amazon
  • Helen Killeen Director of Production Non Scripted UK, ITV Studios
  • Annie Beeharry Production Executive, UKTV