What is TAP and what are The 5 As?

office workers taking notes

The TV Access Project (TAP) is an alliance of the UK’s biggest broadcasters and streamers who have pledged to work together to create a substantive and permanent structural shift which will ensure access provision for deaf, disabled and neurodivergent talent.

ScreenSkills is a partner in TAP and supports its vision to see full inclusion in the television industry by 2030, where no disabled talent is ever excluded because barriers have been removed and equity created.

TAP has produced guidelines for disability inclusion in the UK television production industry called The 5 As. This includes a series of free accessible videos which training organisations can use within their own courses and workshops to highlight best practice.

Download this PDF and these PowerPoint slides for more information on how to incorporate The 5 As into your training. 

The 5 As

To ensure the full and equal inclusion of deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent talent, the organisations who have adopted The 5 As are committed to:

  1. Anticipate
  2. Ask
  3. Assess
  4. Adjust
  5. Advocate

This video summarises all of the As.


You can also watch this video with BSL (British Sign Language) or AD (audio description).

Check all the pages in the hub to discover more about The 5 As and watch all of the videos about the guidelines.