The 5 As: Assess

The 5 As are guidelines set to ensure full and equal inclusion of deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent talent.

Watch the videos which training organisations can use for free within their own courses and workshops to highlight best practice.

The first video has BSL interpretation.

The third A: Assess

We value self-reflection. So, we will be clear and transparent about how accessible we are, ensuring that disabled talent can easily find out about our access provision and support without having to ask.

We will consistently sense-check that we have created a working culture where everyone feels open, confident and safe to communicate their access needs, bringing in specialist expertise when needed. We will also regularly evaluate and improve our inclusion policies and practices.

Watch the videos with British Sign Language (BSL)

Watch the video with audio description (AD)

Explore The 5 As guidelines for more information on how to put them into practice.