The 5 As: Anticipate

The 5 As are guidelines set to ensure full and equal inclusion of deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent talent.

Watch the videos which training organisations can use for free within their own courses and workshops to highlight best practice.

The first video has subtitles. To download the videos, click on the Vimeo link on the bottom right of the screen.

Download this PDF and these PowerPoint slides for more information on how to incorporate The 5 As into your training. 

The first A: Anticipate

We fully expect to work and continue to work with disabled people on a regular basis. So, we will keep ahead of the game and ensure our structures, processes and environments are - and remain - inclusive.

We will engender confidence among disabled talent, by actively communicating and demonstrating how we are inclusive. In doing this, we will always seek expert advice and stay up to date with best practice.

Watch the video with British Sign Language (BSL)

Watch the video with audio description (AD)

Explore The 5 As guidelines for more information on how to put them into practice.