High-end TV programmes for new entrants

The High-end TV Skills Fund supports programmes, such as Trainee Finder and inclusion programmes such as First Break to boost the pipeline of fresh talent and skills. 

The fund is investing in training that has been identified as a priority by the High-end TV industry through our research and by employers on the High-end TV Skills Council and industry working groups.

High-end TV programmes for new entrants

ScreenSkills High-end TV schemes for new entrants

High-end TV Trainee Finder

Trainee Finder is an entry-level placement scheme which matches trainees with High-end TV productions to offer new industry professionals proper on-the-job experience and to ensure a continued supply of talent. 

To be eligible to receive trainees from Trainee Finder, productions must have agreed to contribute to the High-end TV Skills Fund. Taking trainees through Trainee Finder enables productions to claim back £300 per week of trainee’s salary for up to 40 weeks (ScreenSkills suggest that this support is spread across up to three trainees, i.e three x 13 weeks). This is a change from previous years, so in order to find out more about this new process please visit the support a trainee page to find details and FAQs.

Productions are sent CVs and the details of those trainees who have been accepted on the Trainee Finder scheme and confirm dates, role and pay with each trainee. Once these factors are agreed productions inform the ScreenSkills Trainee Finder team, who issue a contract.

The appointed supervisor and trainee will agree to a training plan which benchmarks the trainee's skills and learning objectives throughout their time on the production which at the end will show how far the trainee has progressed. Subsequent opportunities for the trainee on their next production will build on these achievements and address skills gaps and further required learning to help them develop in their chose trainee role.

For more details and to apply for a trainee, please contact Stephanie De La Paz.


First Break

First Break aims to de-mystify entry into the industry for individuals from under-represented backgrounds. The First Break programme offers participants a series of accessible jargon-free industry-led information events, practical hands-on TV training day, paid work shadowing, one-to-one career development and bespoke support. The programme is designed to offer a very first taste of working in TV for those with no prior experience.

For productions that have contributed to the HETV Skills Fund, First Break will provide:

  • Overall management for the programme run by a local project manager.
  • A ‘Want to work in TV?’ event giving up to 100 local people an opportunity to learn the basics about working in TV and hear first-hand from the production’s crew about their jobs and what they entail.
  • A TV ‘Need to Knows’ training day for up to 50 selected participants about what to expect from a job in TV e.g. a typical day, schedule, basics of setiquette.
  • Following the training day, participants will be invited to apply for a three-week (in rotation) paid placement in a broad job role group (technical, creative, organisational) based on their individual preferences (identified when the participant applies).
  • One-to-one pastoral care after the conclusion of the programme delivering CV clinics, networking support and signposting to further opportunities for the First Breakers. This is offered alongside ongoing UK wide industry expertise to the participants and access to wider funded training delivered by ScreenSkills, including signposting to mentoring programmes and bursaries where appropriate.

The partnering broadcaster/production company will:

  • Cover the paid shadow placement costs (depending on the number of placements offered, as a guide three-week placement per person at national living wage of £9.50 per hour at 40 hours per week as well as travel costs of £5 a day and per diems).
  • Identify a key production contact who will work with the on the on-the-ground project manager for the duration of the project to assist setting up and to oversee the work shadowing.
  • Provide in-kind support (in the form of offering available crew to take part in the open evenings and overseeing the shadow placements). If you are interested in partnering with ScreenSkills to run First Break on your production, please contact Vicki Ball at vicki.ball@screenskills.com.
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