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The Film Skills Fund directly supports skills and training for the UK film industry. The fund is managed by ScreenSkills and paid for by the industry. More than £18 million has been invested in skills and training for UK film production, distribution and exhibition since the fund was established in 1999.

The fund is dedicated to supporting new entrants as well as helping professionals acquire more experience, either to specialise further in their fields or to step up to the next level. We support freelancers working in craft, technical, production, post production and visual effects (VFX) departments at all stages of their careers.

Contributions from productions have enabled the wider UK film industry to mobilise and provide vital access, education and skills training, responding quickly and effectively to the professional requirements of the UK film production sector. 

We are proud that 72 features contributed to the fund in 2022, including Barbie, Pretty Red Dress, Blue Jean and many more.

By contributing, each UK film production is investing in the long-term sustainability of the industry and helping to create a more skilled, diverse and better-equipped workforce. Paying into the fund is one of many ways in which industry helps widen the talent pool and create a workforce fit for the challenges of the 21st century.

Informed by industry research, contributions are invested in training to develop skills in shortage areas and for in demand roles needed by the sector. 

How are contributions to the fund calculated?

Studios and production companies producing films in the UK are encouraged to contribute 0.5% of their core UK expenditure up to a cap of £73,300 per production, into the Film Skills Fund which is managed by ScreenSkills.

Projects receiving public funding are required to pay into the fund as a condition of access to their investment. To find out more about contributing to the Film Skills Fund and supporting industry, please email Film Production Coordinator Matt Brothers.

What is the fund used for?

The year 2021-22 saw record contributions of £1.4 million from 66 productions.

In 2022/23 we had 136 trainees in departments including accounts, art department, assistant director, camera, costume, editorial, hair and make-up, locations, production office, sound and video assist/DIT. Of these, 59% were women, 53% from outside London and 24% from a minority ethnic background.

In the current year, we already have 96 trainees in 11 departments working in studios and independent features across the UK.

For more information about the Film Skills Fund or development and training opportunities it supports please email:

What Films Skills Council members say about this work

Anita Overland, producer and chair Film Skills Council, says: “I’m really pleased to be part of an industry-led body that supports the film workforce. With the industry so busy, ScreenSkills plays a vital role in helping address skills shortages and improving inclusion."

Isabel Davis, executive director Screen Scotland, says: “The ScreenSkills Film Skills Council is a forum to connect with industry, and to learn how ScreenSkills is delivering opportunities across the UK.”

Nigel Bennett, managing director, Molinare, says: "The industry is always evolving and innovating which means ScreenSkills has to consider future as well as current skills needs. It is fantastic to support the Film Skills Council as it addresses these challenges.”

Support at every career stage

The Film Skills Fund programmes support industry identified skills gaps and shortages:

  • Trainee Finder: a year-long paid placement scheme for new entrants matching trainees with Film Skills Fund-contributing productions to offer on-the-job experience
  • Make a Move: encouraging on-the-job training for crew members identified by industry colleagues, ready to move up to a more senior role
  • Film Forward: a career progression programme designed to help experienced minority ethnic professionals advance into more senior roles
  • Continuing professional development: training courses and follow-on placements to enable professionals to develop their skills throughout their career
  • E-Learning modules: including the Work Well Series, Getting Into the Screen Industries,Diversity, Equality & Inclusion for the Screen Industries and more
  • Bursaries: up to £3,000 of funding to support freelancers to take courses in priority skills areas
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