Contribute to the Children's TV Skills Fund

Secret Life of Boys © Zodiak Kids Studio

The Children’s TV Skills Fund (commonly known as the levy) was created in 2015 following the introduction of UK tax relief for children’s live-action TV. In return for the tax credit, the industry agreed that those utilising the tax credit would contribute to a skills fund managed by ScreenSkills.

The key purpose of the fund is to fund skills activity to develop freelancers and talent working at all levels in children’s TV, in order to advance their careers as well as bring new entrants into the industry. This activity aims to increase and upskill the children’s TV workforce in the UK.

Productions pay 0.5% of the production budget spent in the UK, and the contribution is capped at £43,900 per production. Since 2015, ScreenSkills has collected and invested over £500,000 in skills activity for the children’s TV industry.

The earlier that children’s TV productions commit to contributing to the Skills Fund the more opportunities they could benefit from. Contributing does not have to coincide with your application for the tax credit.

More than 100 productions have contributed so far, including Hank Zipster, Officially Amazing, Ice Stars, The Worst Witch, Joe All Alone, Horrible Histories, Art Ninja, Teacup Travels, Apple Tree House, Do You Know?, Hetty Feather, Gory Games, Operation Ouch!, Millie Inbetween, Treasure Champs, Deadly Dinosaurs, Gym Stars, The Secret Life of Boys, Top Class, Malory Towers, Our Team, Something Special, The Baby Club, Get Even and several from the My Life strand.