Children's TV Skills Fund new entrant programmes

The Children's TV Skills Fund supports a range of programmes and resources to address areas of skills shortages in the UK children's TV industry.

Horrible Histories © Lion TV 2018

Children's TV Trainee Finder

Trainee Finder is an entry-level placement scheme which places trainees on UK TV drama productions. Trainees will become part of an industry-recognised group of trainees, receiving exclusive access to training placements on children’s TV drama and high-end TV drama shot in the UK.

Since its launch, Trainee Finder has place trainees on numerous children’s TV drama productions across the UK, including The Worst Witch, Joe All Alone, Katy, Millie Inbetween, Creeped Out, The A list, Horrible Histories and The Secret Life of Boys. We currently have around 120 trainees from across the UK who are available to work on Skills Fund-contributing drama productions within the following grades:

  • Art department
  • Camera
  • Costume
  • Edit
  • Floor runner
  • Hair and make-up
  • Locations
  • Production office
  • Sound

Each of the trainees has been interviewed by an industry professional working in the chosen department and has taken part in an induction course before their placements begin.

Every trainee will also take part in the Trainee Finder pastoral care programme, which will include valuable additional training including health and safety on set, supporting a carbon-neutral production and finance for freelancers.

Please contact us in the first instance to talk about your requirements. Once you have confirmed your contribution to the skills fund we will send you details of available trainees

  • We are able to support three trainees per production from listed departments. No subsidy for grades outside these departments is available
  • Placements per trainee should be up to 12 weeks long• We prefer productions to take three trainees and offer each a 12-week placement, however, do let us know if you require more flexibility i.e. two trainees for 24 weeks
  • Trainees are engaged by the production on a fixed-term contract and paid via payroll with all the usual deductions
  • The Children’s TV Skills Fund will contribute £250 per week towards each trainee’s salary
  • Whilst on production, the trainee must be supported by a supervisor within the department
  • We ask that productions release trainees for training days

If we are unable to offer a trainee from the pool due to them being on other placements, we are happy to discuss potential new trainees who could join the scheme, subject to interview.

For more details or if you wish to take on a trainee visit the Support a trainee page.

For more information about the Children's TV Skills Fund and development or training opportunities it supports, please email Sarah Joyce, TV associate, at: