Contribute to the Children's TV Skills Fund

The Children’s TV Skills Fund was created in 2015 following the introduction of UK tax relief for children’s live-action TV.

In return, the industry agreed that those benefiting from the tax credit would contribute to a skills fund, managed by ScreenSkills. The intention being to create a sustainable skills funding legacy.

Still of young cast of The Famous Five walking toward the camera away from a cliff edge
Image: The Famous Five (C) BBC, Moonage Pictures, James Pardon

When productions pay into Children’s TV Skills Fund, they are supporting and investing in the activity which will develop the skills of freelancers and talent working at all levels in children’s live-action TV in the UK, as well as bring new entrants into the industry.

The Children's TV Council, made up of children’s content producers and commissioners, works closely with Sarah Joyce, Head of Unscripted and Children’s TV to identify key training needs, set priorities and develop relevant training programmes for the sector.

This means that all investment decisions are entirely industry led via the Children’s TV Council.

How are contributions to the Fund calculated?

Eligible productions contribute 0.5% of their UK core expenditure (in sterling), up to a current maximum contribution of £55,000 (the cap increases each year in line with CPI).

The earlier you commit to contributing to the Skills Fund, the more opportunities there are for your production to benefit. Paying into the fund does not have to coincide with your application for tax credit.

The industry Council recommends all productions include the Fund contribution as a line in their budget from the outset. The Fund is supported by the BBC, Channel 5, Sky, and S4C.

Children’s TV productions ideally pay their contribution in full on the first day of the shoot. If other payment terms are required please get in touch as these will be accommodated wherever possible. 

If you are paying into the Skills Fund for the first time and have any questions, please email Sarah Joyce

Industry support for the Fund

Since 2015, the Children's TV Skills Fund has collected more than £2 million from more than 275 productions. These include:

Hank Zipster, Officially Amazing, Ice Stars, The Worst Witch, Joe All Alone, Horrible Histories, Art Ninja, Teacup Travels, Apple Tree House, Do You Know?, Hetty Feather, Gory Games, Operation Ouch!, Millie Inbetween, Treasure Champs, Deadly Dinosaurs, Gym Stars, The Secret Life of Boys, Top Class, Malory Towers, Our Team, Something Special, The Baby Club, Get Even, Blue Peter, Lagging, MC Grammar, Olga Da Polga, One Zoo Three, Justin’s House, Bex, plus many from the My Life strand.

To find out more about the work of the Fund, take a look at our current programmes for new entrants Children's TV Trainee Finder and Dream Big!. See our programmes for crew and talent and take a look at some of our case studies from professionals who have benefited from ScreenSkills-supported training

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