Share your story - Kelly McCormack

Kelly McCormack is from the Midlands and has been working on film sets since 2014 mainly as a producer.

She’s been using ScreenSkills for many years for resources, then pre-pandemic she joined a leadership in film and management course the website highlighted for her.

During Covid, Kelly attended many training courses on our website, such as the Coronavirus basic awareness on production training, which she found incredibly useful to keep updated and safe to get back to work.

She also took the opportunity to become a mentor.

“Being involved in a community like ScreenSkills has really helped me to rebuild and the best piece of advice I can give anyone is that although it can seem like a scary industry at times people are nice so do get to talk to them, ask questions, ask for experience, ask for shadowing, be honest if you don’t know something, better asking a question rather than lying, because you can really show your authenticity that way.”


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