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We want to hear from you. By sharing your story, in word or video format, you can help others learn more about jobs, opportunities and challenges in the UK’s screen sector and showcase the skills and talent that has won you a place in it.

Whether you have worked in the industry for years or are on the first rung on the ladder, we want to hear what has helped you get where you are today (and whether we have been able to help you on the way).

This opportunity is open to members of the ScreenSkills community. If published, your case study will link to your ScreenSkills profile so use this chance to promote your skills and update your page, including your photo, bio and links. 

You can see examples of other people's stories, like Stephen's, Kelly's and Mandi's, to give you some ideas. 

You can’t make great film, TV and animation without investing in the people. You are the people who make the UK screen industries great.


Terms and conditions 

It may not be possible to publish all content submitted. ScreenSkills reserves the right not to publish submitted content, without need for justification or explanation. We also retain the right to edit content submitted to us to correct spelling or grammatical errors, to format the submission in line with our style guide and to ensure the content meets our terms and conditions. Please ensure your submission does not breach confidentiality or intellectual property rights. By submitting content, you agree that ScreenSkills can use the content on, our social media accounts and in promotional materials - online and in print. You agree to be contacted by ScreenSkills if necessary, to inform or consult you on information related to the content you have submitted.



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