Toon Boom animation bootcamp

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ScreenSkills funded

This two week ‘bootcamp’  with Adam's Animation Academy is designed to cover fundamental skills in animation using the latest version of Toon Boom Harmony software. 

The aim is that by the end of the course each participant will be able to animate confidently within the software, and therefore open doors to all the Toon Boom work within the UK. 

The course will be delivered online over 6 x 3-hour virtual classroom sessions:

  • Tuesday 6 April (am)
  • Wednesday 7 April (am)
  • Friday 9 April (am)
  • Monday 12 April (am)
  • Wednesday 14 April (am)
  • Friday 16 April (am)

Each session will allow time for both learning new concepts and lots of Q & A. Participants will also have access to additional resources during the course, including recordings of all live sessons, email support between classes and a video library covering related topics to support deeper learning.

This programme is supported by the ScreenSkills Animation Skills Fund with contributions from UK animation productions.

A two week Toon Boom rigging bootcamp will take place 4-14 May. You can apply here

Who it's for

This course would be especially useful for those already in or starting out in the animation industry but lacking the technical knowledge to use the software to a high standard.

What it covers

Toon Boom topics covered include:

  • interface and file structure
  • setting up for cut-out animation
  • drawing tools and substitutions
  • animating with pegs & deformers
  • animation principles within Harmony
  • props and the node view
  • blocking and inbetweening shots
  • importing and exporting to the library
  • walk cycles and head turns
  • lip sync and sound
  • full character performance
  • hierarchies and the node library
  • art layers and advanced properties
  • creating, exporting and editing templates
  • reusing animation for better productions
  • colour palettes and importing reference
  • posing with master controllers
  • export settings and good studio practice

 By the end of the course, each participant will have had the opportunity to  animate several test pieces including lip sync, character performance and a walk cycle.

All training material and a software license will be provided.

How to apply

Please follow the link above to apply.

Application deadline 30 March 2021.

This training course is subsidised due to ScreenSkills funding, however, if you still require additional help to cover your fees or enable you to access the course, some discretionary support is available. You may indicate on your application form if you would like to apply for support.

Adam’s Animation Academy

Adam’s Animation Academy

Adam’s Animation Academy (formerly Toon Boom Trainer) was created in 2016 by Adam Oliver to tackle the lack of industry-focused training in 2D animation.

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