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The screen industries are visual so when an employer or client is looking to take you on in a role they will often want to see a portfolio of your work. It can be difficult to start thinking about what to include and advice varies from person to person!

Essentially a portfolio should show your passion, your skills and intrigue a potential employer to pick up the phone.

Join us at this session to hear from a cross-section of industry professionals who look at portfolios on a regular basis. Hear from them about what captures their attention and what elements go into crafting a portfolio for film & TV, games, VFX & animation and the art department.

Chair Alison Grade - CEO Mission Accomplished and Author The Freelance Bible


Drew Roper - Founder, Yamination

Drew Roper is a multi-award-winning animation director / producer and owner of innovative animation studio, Yamination Studios.  

Based in the heart of Birmingham, Yamination specialises in stop-motion animation, bringing all things miniature to life, working on a variety of fun-filled projects such as TV commercials, promo’s and specials for the likes of Roald Dahl, Walt Disney and Greenpeace to name but a few.

Lara Humphreys – Freelance Draughtsperson

Freelancer in the art department for Films and Television Dramas. She has worked as a Junior Draughtsperson for LucasFilm and Apple TV. She’s worked on films including; The Witches (Warner Bros) and Last Christmas (Universal). 

Taran Singh - Director at Taran 3D

An expert in 3D technology, Taran has more than 15 years experience researching & developing cutting edge immersive applications for a range of sectors. He heads up Taran3D, a 3D studio with an innovative and passionate team that specialise in immersive experiences and XR training & consultancy programmes. 

Taran was recently appointed Head of Skills at HOST Salford for the UK’s first Unity Centre of Excellence and was also named Winner of Innovation Thought Leader at Birmingham’s Innovation Awards in September 2021. 

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