Careers in games

Learn from games professionals about how to start a career in the games industry.  

The morning masterclass, Careers in the games Industry: Where, why and what?  was hosted by TV presenter Jordan Erica Webber and one of the panellists, Ella, has already started her career at the age of 15 as a finalist  BAFTA Young Game Designers competition. The other panellists were Brandon Cole, from Into Games, Charlotte Pook from Electric Square, and Shivani Rambaran from Triangular Pixels. The audience of young people from local schools learned about the different roles in games and some of the things they can be doing now if they want to work in the industry in the future. One pupil said: “it’s amazing to know there are more jobs than just programming” and another said:  “ I really enjoyed having advice from people in the industry”   

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