Operating, installing and programming lighting equipment for virtual production

Crew in front of a virtual production screen showing a hill

Position and secure fixtures while applying safety considerations

Safety considerations remain as much of a priority when positioning and securing lighting fixtures for virtual production as for traditional lighting approaches, regardless of the shoot location and equipment used. Lighting teams now need to consider these tasks in relation to their use of the LED wall in parallel with other foreground lighting equipment.

Provide lighting to meet the desired effect

Virtual production foreground lighting considerations are identical to those on a conventional set in terms of creativity and safety, but lighting teams now need to consider these tasks alongside use of the LED wall in the background to create a combined lighting effect.

Programme and operate lighting consoles

Lighting consoles are very commonly used in virtual production and are often linked directly to real-time engines and playback servers. It would be unusual not to employ a console desk within an LED volume environment.

Start up and close down electrical generators

Ascertain who is responsible for the start up and close down of electrical generators including meter readings. This may be a studio responsibility or could be the responsibility of your genny op, nonetheless the below standard protocols remain relevant.

Further considerations

Skills and knowledge related to virtual production

Install wiring for practicals and equipment – as with any location shoot, virtual production will often require practical lamps in foreground so lighting teams will now need to consider installation of practicals and equipment considering interaction with the LED wall or green screen.


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