Rhiann Edwards

Rhiann Edwards


  • Location: Midlands
  • Career stage: Entry
Open Doors

My name is Rhiann, I am a Media student whose dream is to work within the broadcast media industry and I would like to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can to help me achieve my goals.

The experience, insight, people and knowledge gained will impact me forever and I will get involved as much as I can and retain as much information as possible. Behind the scenes as well as in front of the screen is where all the magic happens and this is what I would like to be a part of. 

My interests lie within the Radio, TV, Film, Journalism, PR, Marketing and Events sectors. The job roles that I am interested in and would like to work towards/ pursue in the future include: researcher, radio presenter, TV presenter, broadcast journalist, PR exec, production management and talent agent.