Conway McDermott

Conway McDermott

Writer at Hungry Bitches Productions

  • Location: Liverpool / Leeds / London
  • Career stage: Early
  • Freelancer: Available

A queer writer based in the North of England, I'm interested in making work that is best described as intelligent, subversively political, genre-trash.

I am a lover of low art, and I believe very much in the ability of sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and crime dramas, not only to approach and explore complex and emotional ideas and truths, but also as a way of disarming an audience and showing them a damn good time while they do so. 

Lady Gaga had to release Just Dance to lay the ground for Art Pop.  Kesha wrote Tick Tock before subverting it in Woman.  The Raptors in Jurassic park look really cute right up until they get into your van.

But Gaga's an artist, Kesha's a motherfucking woman, a raptor's a raptor, and so am I.

Right now I'm particularly interested in immersive theatre and interactive writing.  I'm particularly fascinated by the link between gaming and storytelling, both in the physical realm, digitally, with the rise of virtual reality technologies, and through a blurring of the two, as seen in the ARG's and global scavanger hunts of recent years.   How writers will rise to interact with these new ideas and technologies remains to be seen, but it's an area which I am keen to explore further in my own work.  


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Copy Writing
  • Photography
  • Scriptwriting
  • Clay
  • Copy-editing
  • Creative Drawing
  • dramaturgy
  • HTML & CSS
  • Ideas Development
  • Ideas Generating
  • Leatherwork
  • Live Performance
  • Poetry
  • Presentation Skills
  • Runner
  • Set Dressing
  • Storytelling