Cameron Browne

Cameron Browne

  • Location: Axbridge
  • Career stage: Entry
  • Freelancer: Available

I am a driven, technical and hard working individual that always strives for the best in what I do. I have a lot of experience working on short films for university projects as well as working with camera rental companies for my research project which allowed me to understand the equipment available to camera departments and how to use it.

I have also worked as Director of Photography on an indie feature film as part of my degree. This film gave me the opportunity to work with car rigging equipment as well as conventional grip and camera techniques which has allowed me to grow not only as a cinematographer but also in thinking of interesting ways to rig the camera.

When working as DoP on a film, I have also been given the opportunity to work as colourist. This has enabled me to understand how to shoot for post production and where highlights and shadows can be saved.

In January 2016, I was given the opportunity to go to China as part of developing an international relationship with Hebei University in Baoding. I mentored students and worked with them to create a series of films, showing the cultural differences between China and the UK.

Most recently, I have been working as a Director of Photography for 2 short films shot in London shot on RED. These films have allowed me to work as part of a professional team and to a tight time scale, showing my ability to work efficiently when aiming to create the best results.

I have invested much of my time into understanding digital technologies available to film makers and how best to utilise them, both on set and in post production. A keen interest in engineering helps me to look at equipment in a different way to think up solutions that are cost effective when creating a setup. This is something I always strive to further as technology improves and new tools become available.

I also have a strong interest in photography (especially 35mm film photography) which has helped me to understand framing and the process of loading and developing film. I have since begun to learn the process of shooting film for motion picture, including the loading of film magazines, to ensure I am always ready for whatever I am asked to do in the camera department.

I am a very motivated and focused individual that loves to work and will always put in more effort to make sure the best outcome is achieved. The ability to work on films is one that should not be taken for granted and I am always proud and excited to be able to work on set and get stuck in to working with cameras.

ScreenSkills tests passed.

Coronavirus basic awareness on production training


10th July 2020 - 10th January 2021


  • Video Editing
  • Apple Mac
  • Camera Assisting
  • Camera Operating
  • Digital Visual Effects
  • Grip
  • Lighting
  • Lighting and Grip Equipment
  • Rental House Technician
  • Technical
  • Windows