adam dattis

adam dattis

theatre director

  • Location: london, united kingdom
  • Career stage: Experienced
  • Freelancer: Available

adam dattis is a london-based theatre director + designer + theatre maker.

Adam is a native of Philadelphia, USA.  He has studied and worked in architecture, scenography, lighting design, performance, movement , writing and theatre directing in Los Angeles, South Africa, Bangkok, London and Moscow.  He is associate director of Barefaced Theatre Company in London,

Recent London credits include LARP (Talawa, The Space, Bread + Roses); Someone With a Naturally Cheery Disposition (The Space), Spare Parts (Old Red Lion), Going Method (Charing Cross Theatre), Mumbo Jumbo (Royal Court Space @ the Bussey Building), ICU (Kings Head Theatre), Mad Women (Portobello Cinema), Mad Women in Attics (New Wimbledon Theatre Studio), The 52 Show (Leicester Square Theatre), Living the dream... (Rosemary Branch Theatre).  UK Tour:  LARP (Courtyard Hereford)

Adam holds a B. Architecture, and B.F.A from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles; and a M.A, from Middlesex University, London.

Work in progress:  Shadow Kingdoms opens 05 June 2018 in London.

Reviews for Adam's Work

"Director Adam Dattis confidently guides George through a number of characters, with Lucy's first online encounter with her new role-playing friends a particular triumph".
--view from the gods

"The stage was shared by four very capable actors (Rob Leech, Pete Maxey, Jack McMahon, Lauren O'Brien) though centred on the drivelling monologue of a jobbing actor, his back to the audience. His overwhelming self-obsession with the futility of life became dangerously contagious, triggering increasingly black comedy. This change in humour was handled masterfully by writer Jack George and by director Adam Dattis"
--martin slidel for whatspeenseen

"The produciton itself was creatively staged throughout..." "I found Madwomen a complex, creative and challenging evening's entertainment which provided a fresh look at the work of four important female writers, whilst questioning how 'madness' can truly be defined"
4 stars out of 5 ✭✭✭✭
--emma curry for backstagepass

"...the play is polished and passionate throughout..." "The final 15 minutes were by far the most stylised, providing a mostly satisfactory end to the narrative and a visually brilliant conclusion"

"Credit to director Adam Dattis for taking a rather confusing play and making it watchable...we were transfixed by the action on stage."

"Not only does it [Madwomen] explore fascinating people and ideas, bit it tells their stories in unconventioanl ways that have been replaying in my head since I saw it"

--a younger theatre

Work History

Associate Director - Barefaced Theatre Company

Dec 2010 - Present


Theatre Directing - Master of Arts - Middlesex University

Sep 2003 - Sep 2005

Scenic, Lighting, and Costume Design - Bachelor of Fine Arts - University of Southern California

Sep 1997 - Sep 2002

Architectural Design - Bachelor of Architecture - University of Southern California

Sep 1997 - Sep 2002


  • Design
  • Lighting Design
  • Live Performance
  • Movement
  • Musical Theatre
  • Physical Theatre
  • Puppetry
  • Set Design
  • Theatre