Senior Sales Assistant @ Thorntons - Core Team Member/Brand Ambassador/Costume Character @ Nintendo

  • Location: Eastbourne | London

Hello everyone! I'm Abi! or Abipop/ アビーポップ around the interenet! 

5ft1.5, 20 years old and from a little town in the UK!

I'm a YouTuber, Gamer, Dancer and Cosplayer~!
I tend to sit on my laptop all day and spontaneously burst into dance. I'm currently studying Japanese! はじめまして、よろしくね

I went to Tokyo,Japan in Oct 2014♪ Going again in April 2015! SO EXCITED! ♡Akihabara♡Harajuku♡ Shibuya♡ <-- Best places to make your wallet cry haha!

I'd love the chance to become an idol... We can dream right? x3
I work in a chocolate shop, for Nintendo & a Maid café in the UK (Maids Of England)~!  I'm hoping to be able to audition for Tokyo Disneyland!

♡ Animal Crossing ♡ LoL♡ TsumTsum ♡ Fantasy life ♡ Disney's Magical world... are my most favourite games.

 I like cake a lot.... Baking is always fun!  ヽ(´。>ω<。`)ノ 

I have dark blonde hair & Green hazel eyes~♪

♡I adore Disney and cute things in general~!♡♡ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is my idol :3 We share the same birthday & I was lucky enough to see her perform live twice! ♡Himeko Sakuragawa is another idol of mine~! I also met her when I was in Japan!♡ 

My favourite colour is baby pink, baby blue & (Navy blue & red together)♪
Did I mention that I love cake? ヽ(。ゝω・。)ノ☆

♡Disney Princess in Training♡


  • Customer services
  • Editing
  • Sales and marketing