Deborah Torr

Deborah Torr

Content Writer

  • Location: London
  • Career stage: Early
  • Freelancer: Available
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I write articles, blogs, short stories, longer stories, short film scripts, diary entries, poems, lists, mind maps, infographics, comments, feature articles, longform essays, book reviews, phone notes, emails, listicles. I write almost anything.

I write through concepts when I'm writing for myself. I'm interested in how we move about different spaces, liminal spaces, places where time and space feels altered, about how we define ourselves in relation to others, where we say we end, and others begin.

Writing is what I know. I like feeling out a sentence, or constructing a narrative. I write for work, as a Content Producer, and in my spare time, as my passion. 


I grew up in Croydon, and I've now I've returned to South London after some time away. I'm here to be inspired, and meet other people on parallel paths. Hit me up for a coffee and let's make something happen.



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First Option

21st November 2017 - 21st November 2022

Work History

Content Producer - VSO

Nov 2017 - Jul 2019


Screenwriting Course - Course - University of East Anglia

May 2017 - Present

English Literature - BA - University of East Anglia

Sep 2012 - Jul 2015