ScreenSkills Animation Skills Council to re-launch


The ScreenSkills Animation Skills Council will re-launch in the new year under new leadership.

Tom Box, Co-founder and Managing Director of Blue Zoo Animation Studio, has agreed to be the new chair. The appointment is expected to be ratified in January.

The revival of the council comes after discussions with key parties and is intended to tackle the critical skills needs in UK animation, such as 2D artist and 3D modelling artist. Concerns over skills shortages in animation mirror those in other parts of the film and television industries.

Tom Box said: "The skills issues faced by our industry are more prominent than ever before. The booming demand for animated content means there is a huge demand for a highly skilled workforce, but there are risks to growth from skills shortages, a lack of diversity and inclusion in the industry and the changing political landscape. I very much look forward to joining the council to help bring united action to build an even stronger workforce.”

ScreenSkills is working with partners including Animation UK and Pact and colleagues in film to identify appropriate members for the revitalised council. The aim is to focus on recruiting representatives from companies working in animation and paying contribution into the Animation Skills Fund (commonly known as the levy).

Contributions of £33,000 have been made to the Animation Skills Fund in the year 2018/2019 to date, a significant rise on the year before. 

For more information, please contact Louise Jury, Director of Communications and Marketing, on or 020 7713 9883

About ScreenSkills

ScreenSkills, formerly known as Creative Skillset, is the industry-led skills body for the UK's screen industries - animation, film, games, television including children's TV and high-end drama, VFX and immersive technology. We work across the whole of the country to ensure that UK screen has access now, and in the future, to the skills and talent needed for continued success. 

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