How content gets made

Graphic image of a large T-Rex dinosaur in front of a city skyline
Graphic image of a large T-Rex dinosaur in front of a city skyline
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10 minutes
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Film, High-end TV
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Learn how scripted content gets made. From an original idea, through development, pre-production to production, first assistant director Alex walks you through each step. 

At the end of this module you will:

  • Understand the production process
  • Understand the importance of the script
  • Understand how the script is used to create the filming schedule

Don't forget to bookmark this handy glossary for easy reference in the workplace.

This e-learning module is part of the From script to screen: an introduction to how content gets made series.

We created this series with and for industry to ensure people who are progressing in their careers have access to a host of useful learning and tips to help them understand more about how scripted content is made and the roles and responsibilities within it.

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