ScreenSkills launches two e-learning modules

Two new ScreenSkills e-learning modules to support mentoring partnerships are launched today.

The modules - Mentoring for mentors and Mentoring for mentees - are free to access and provide an introduction to the concept of mentoring for either the mentor or mentee. This online training is supported by the BFI, awarding National Lottery funds as part of its Future Film Skills strategy.

The mentoring modules complement the ScreenSkills Mentoring Network which was established to help support and develop people working in the screen industries in the UK, and already provides a range of written guidance and resources along with webinars.  Mentoring is an effective and impactful way to pass on expert knowledge, grow confidence and empower industry professionals at every stage of their careers at a time when the UK’s screen industries are facing significant skills gaps and shortages. The modules can also be taken by anyone looking to establish their own mentoring partnership.

The content was written by Jane Saunders, ScreenSkills' mentoring manager. She is an expert in the field of mentoring, coaching and training, with many years’ experience running mentoring programmes and training mentors and mentees.

The modules are available free on the ScreenSkills website via mobile phone, tablet and desk or laptop, empowering everyone in the screen industries to engage with the content irrespective of their employment status. They have been designed to be inclusive and relevant to everyone working in screen from the most junior runner to a CEO.

The launch is part of plans to pilot the development of more e-learning, which has been identified as an accessible way to support the industry. The programme pre-dates the Covid-19 crisis but will inform current efforts to adapt face-to-face training already planned in response to skills shortages into training online.

The e-learning modules can be found in the ScreenSkills training course directory or can be accessed via the links below:

We have also created guidance to help mentors navigate new challenged posed by Covid-19.

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