Next steps for improving mental health

ScreenSkills is pleased to be working with the Film and TV Charity to support the provision and availability of good mental health and wellbeing training and resources for the UK film and TV industry.

A White Paper, published by the Training+ Working Group convened by the charity, today highlights findings including the current lack of a screen industries-specific mental health training framework and that mental health training doesn’t tend to identify or address industry-specific factors which contribute to poor mental health in film and TV. 

The Working Group - which includes BBC, Bectu, BIFA, Channel 4, Film and TV Charity, ITV, Mama Youth, Production Guild of Great Britain, ScreenSkills and Sky - has now pledged to design and produce an industry framework for employers in the film and TV industry to deliver mental health training programmes for their workers.

Through a partnership between the Film and TV Charity and ScreenSkills, the framework will be launched on the ScreenSkills website in early 2022. The guidance will include:

  • Information about existing mental health training accreditation
  • Topics which address industry-specific factors which contribute to poor mental health
  • Advice and resources on how to put together a blended approach to training.

The White Paper is based on a report commissioned from an independent researcher who explored what training and development provisions were currently available to support good mental health and wellbeing and areas where innovation and development could improve the picture.

ScreenSkills offers some training, but welcomes increased industry concern on the issue and a commitment to better meeting mental health needs.

Anyone in the industry who wishes to input to the development of the framework, should email:

ScreenSkills has joined with industry partners to support the Let's Reset campaign on mental health.


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